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Scientology is actually a workable system. In fifty thousand several years of history on this planet by itself, Man never ever evolved a workable system. It can be Uncertain if, in foreseeable history, he will at any time evolve another. Male is caught in a big and complicated labyrinth. To have outside of it needs that he Adhere to the intently taped path of Scientology.

No other religion would make you spend many years and a huge selection of Countless bucks to understand what their true doctrine is. No other religion forbids ANY Make contact with with shunned users, or places one’s own membership, and connections with 1’s very own family, at risk for getting any Get in touch with with disaffected family users.

You'll find those who did the original OT VIII who claim That is real. Frankly, I don’t Consider it really issues, but I'm curious about what leads you into the summary it truly is faked and also tongue-in-cheek? What is so a lot more incredible about this than what is composed in Hubbard’s very own hand about OT III? The two, to non-believers, will be Similarly crazy.

Scientology is the only real workable system Male has. It's got presently taken people today towards greater IQ, much better lives and all of that. No other system has. So realize that it's got no competitor. Scientology can be a workable system. It's got the route taped. The lookup is finished. Now the route only ought to be walked.

Scientology is sensible to me, normally has, always will, and I stage towards the factors as my best truth. Critics can, do and can go on to pull apart scientology beliefs on birth bits from context to belittle it. I dropped any christian beliefs I had when as being a child, so scared with the considered the devil, I dared him to come and get me and choose me to hell. This can be the belief I used to be taught. The Satan in no way did. So to try and put Christianity as owning some type of moral authority doesn't wash with me.

Your dad’s favorite singer, the award-winning jazz singer grew to become affiliated with the Church of Scientology inside the late ’60s. Back when persons really started out catching wind in the religion, Jarreau was mentioned as a person of many celebrities who reported that Scientology experienced transformed their life for the higher and perhaps performed a job in his achievements.

This really is refreshing to view. I don’t know much about Scientology but I never listen to everything fantastic about it. But the reality on the subject is anything has anything distinctive that works for them. if it helps you can’t by means of tough times and doesn’t damage anyone then hey!! Not my position to guage!

The purpose is not absolutely nothing. The objective would be the neutralization of thoughts into an unbelievable point out of fulness of being. Causless knowledge and causless being/

But scientology beliefs cancer there are numerous pretty unique variations that place Scientology on a wholly different plane, which you have aptly identified as out.

Finally, Ron didn’t say that “system thetans (BTs)” are “Place aliens” or weird in any way. He explained they’re just men and women, like us, who got scientology burial beliefs killed in an exceptionally violent incident that rendered them incapable of running bodies of their possess any longer.

Just remember every one of the occasions when journalists would inquire a spokesperson for Scientologist or jus a Scientologist about OT3.

I applaud and thanks for taking such a courageous stand. We should set up a billboard or one thing, ya know?

Okay, folks. Start off posting followups to this message that contains official CoS statements that contradict the above. I hope to discover a lengthy thread right here!

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